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Damn, went to the dr for an unrelated problem but when I got into the consulting room he asked about my hand so I asked a few questions and he did a test and now is sending me off for a test to eliminate Carpel Tunnel... surely by now they should know what is wrong.  I have had a CT scan, then an Ultra Sound and now need this nerve test thing.  I have got damaged tendons that showed in the Ultra Sound and was told to immobilise my hand and to treat it like it had RSI (never had rsi but gather it means to rest it)  and to stay off the computer ... but, really, I would have expected my hand and wrist to be showing some improvement by now but there is no change ... all this resulting from when I put my hand down to break my fall the week before Christmas and no, I hadn't been drinking, I was on my way to the Christmas party...
My dr was the only one who came out with a bonus as he asked about the book I was reading and is now going to borrow it... (I always take a book with me to the dr as sometimes it can be a long wait).
 hand/wrist doesn't seem to ache any worse than if  I am using it or have it immobilised
and if I put it in a sling then my sore shoulder aches :(

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