Well, today was a total waste of makeup  

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taking care with my appearance and putting on makeup is not to impress anyone, it is for me,   I dress for me.   Which is a good thing, as my husband hates makeup, prefers women with long hair..... mine is very short, hates scarfs of which I am addicted and high heels.   Oh, and another one of his pet peeves is any clothing that is not "classic"  he despises anything patterned in particularly anything floral......  He does however like leisure wear/sports wear.  I guess being a sports coach and basically living in track suits means..... I have no idea, what it means to him.  So today I get all dressed up as is my want, head into town only to have the weather turn nasty with torrential rain and not a car park to be found.   Finally, I get a park blocks away from where I want to go, giving a sigh of relief that I had decided to wear flat heeled shoes today and search the car for the umbrella that I keep in the car for just such emergencies and which I eventually discover had rolled under the front passenger seat getting drenched as I look for it.  I feed the parking meter and off I head to the pet store to buy some kitty litter for SnP's toilet tray..... Yes, all this effort was to get some replacement kitty litter for the doggy toilet..... and a packet of the only treats Scrappy will eat, next time, if there is a next time,  I vow I will just go as I am, clean skin and jeans...... who am I kidding, I cannot even go and check the mailbox without lipstick on.

Back home, and now SnP are watching me change clothes and remove what is left of my makeup and I am pretty sure by the puzzled look on their faces they were both wondering ....why I bother with putting makeup on! 

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I know how that can be. It's pouring down rain here. I never go out without makeup, either!

Hehe!! I loved the description of what he likes and what you like :D I could be his dream woman !! Long hair, no high heels, no flowers, just plain stuff, no scarves (well, not very many .... ) - and no make-up as you well know.

The new look is very classy ~ very floral ;) The pages are looking good too with some interesting recipes up there. I remembered you were talking about that a while ago.


well, we are so alike. I don't even go on the dog walk without lipstick!!

Somehow I just feel so much better with a bit of slap on, and I too, do it just for me.

Luckily, though, the difference is, my K loves me to wear make up, the more the merrier he says! Though now at my great age I feel don't want to look like a 16/61 as we call them here. 16 from the back and 61 from the front. ;0D

I say keep on wearing it, if it pleases you, and the snazzy clothes, and shoes. I lurve, lurve, lurve clothes too!

J xx

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