First day on the job..  

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Woke on Monday morning nice and early to get ready for my first day in a new job.  I woke with a headache so found a headache tab and thought maybe I was feeling off with nerves about the new job so brushed aside my feelings of ickyness and headed off to work.   Once on the job and there was nothing to feel stressed or anxious about I should have been feeling better but instead, and, to my embarrassment I felt so sick that I was vomiting.  If I wasn't feeling anxious before I sure was now.  

Not an auspicious start to first day in a new job.  I am now contemplating not going back as I  am mortified. I do not usually vomit and picked a really, really bad time to start,.

It turns out I have some gastro virus that is doing the rounds.

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Is it time specific? I mean can you do a couple of days next week or at the end of this week?

Sorry I missed your post about your being ill - hope you are back to normal now xx

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