Squamous Cell Carcinoma the dermatologist said  

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Squamous Cell Carcinoma the dermatologist said and  I went immediately numb.  After all I was only there because my dr thought it a good idea to have a mark under my eye checked and now here I was a day later being told I had these SCC things on my forehead and on my cheeks and what I was there for was nothing compared to these spots he was finding;  I keep asking myself how did I not know; well the dr could only see them under a microscope so they were not visible to the naked eye and the only one I saw was the spot under my eye which is not in the same family and if it does not respond to treatment can be scraped off unlike the other dots which will need to be cut out.....  I have been prescribed Solaraze gel to be applied twice a day and feels really odd on my skin .... quite uncomfortable for about an hour then it settles down but if it works it will be worth  some discomfort.  Fingers crossed it does work.

I immediately enlisted the help of a friend who has experience from when she worked in Cancer research in London and a big thank you Kate for all the info.

My interest is nutrition so immediately looked into diet and cancer and in studying diet and cancer I came across articles saying that blood glucose (sugar) particularly from fruit (fructose) encourages the growth of Cancer as Cancer needs the sugar to thrive; I am a diabetic so that almost scared the life out of me...  It also makes a statement from a dr make sense when he said I am now open to cancers at the time I thought him callous and he could have phrased it better.   Now, I firmly believe there is a connection and more education needs to be done.  Not just treated as a throw away line.

Well, now I know what I am fighting and fight I shall, I will not go down without giving it my best shot... with a supportive partner I can do this and of course I am so glad that we believe it has been caught early... though even when given the all clear I will continue to investigate diet and it's impact on Cancer so that I can stay healthy...

I am so vain and over the years have spent lots of money on skin care except one important element... sun screen!  In my youth I spent hours trying to get a tan.... being fair skinned with pale eyes I didn't know back then what a dangerous combination with the sun it was.

I thought a tan = a healthy look.  how wrong was I and now I pay the price.

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Looking forward to reading the fruits (??!!) of your research into diet. Cancer and diet is an interesting one IMO. Well, when you save the links that is ;)

I'm with you on the tanning. I once spent lots of time out in the sun, without sunscreen. I'm very interested in reading more about the diet/cancer research. Interesting stuff. I hope all goes well for you.

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