Rain, you are spoiling my summer  

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Got woken up at some ungodly hour of the morning by Scrappy letting me know something was wrong in the kitchen... so out I go to take a look only to find a pool of water in the middle of the floor.  Groaning I am blaming Scrappy and at the same time wondering how on earth did he do such a big ummm splash....  I am thinking he would have had to stand on the kitchen bench when plop!! A big drop of water falls on my head.  Yep, the ceiling is leaking so, not being able to do anything about it at this ungodly hour or in this foul weather I shove a bucket under it and go back to bed.... Scrappy however, was fascinated and every time he heard a drop off he trotted to check it out.  Bearing in mind he sleeps tucked up into my back. Pebbles and K slept right through the action.... In fact, I am still waiting for K to wake up so I can tell him the "good" news.
A leaking roof is not something I need at anytime but particularly not on a Saturday morning....

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ah come to Scotland, we have lovely summers LOL. Just like yours!! Seriously, everyone thinks summer is crap in Scotland, but we have had some wonderful endless hot summers, and we deserve it because we have such endless crap winters!!

J xx

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