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Let me preface this blog entry with saying I went to an all girl's school...

I must have been all of 15 when a friend told me this boy, a friend of her brothers, but unknown to me wanted to take me to the movies.  I said okay, but I am not allowed out at night and he had to meet my mother first..... what a prim and proper child I was.  Mum didn't say such things; I just felt it was the right thing to do particularly as  I did not know this boy. 

Anyway back to this memorable date.  In case I didn't like this boy I made my mum get dressed to be ready to go with us.  I was going to play the.... my mother thinks I am too young to go out alone with you excuse.  Well, finally this boy turns up and as you can tell he made such an impression on me I have totally forgotten his name!!   I open the front door to this boy standing there with the reddest of red hair and a face to match.  He was so shy, I think he was relieved when I quickly said my mother thinks I am too young to go out with you alone so she is coming with us....

As I lived in the city we walked to the cinema with me making sure my mother was between us at all times.
Finally, at the cinema he pays for me and of course mum pays for a ticket and we enter the cinema to find our seats.... Yes, I am guessing you already know what is coming.  My date enters the row of seats first... big mistake on his part as I was able to push mum ahead of me so that she sat between us.  I think he had fun. My mother was being nice to him by sharing her candy with him...

When the movie finished the boy said he had to go straight home and took off at a run.... I wondered why the rush, after all, if mum hadn't been there he would have walked me home?  My mother lectured me all the way home on how mean I was to him....and I was made to promise to never do that to her again.  Looking back I think my mother was a good sport to play along with her baby girl....

I admit to being  a naive child. But that was the 60's and we were very sheltered.

I was later, much later to date 2 others, one of which became my first husband and the other went on to marry and remain a friend of mine.  

This link to  proper dating in the 60's   is very interesting, it explains what is was like for teenagers back then. 

60's fashion trend I followed

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I was only talking to a dog walking pal the other day, about first dates etc. So I enjoyed reading this post!

I remember people saying when I was younger, "I wouldn't like to be young again" and I thought they were mad. Who wouldn't want to be young? But now, I realise, it is far better to be older and hopefully wiser!

I read this earlier, and came back to comment. Jx

sadly I couldn't get the link to work though. ;0(

First date is an interesting post to write, not sure I can remember mine. Depends what you call a date I suppose, or what you want to call a date to make it look like you are popular!! I started reading the linky last night but got distracted (it did work for me re GJs comment above) but I don't think had changed by the 70s from what I read. Not in my backward household anyway.


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