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I have had a CT scan of my hand, an Ultra sound and now waiting for a nerve test on the same hand to eliminate Carpel tunnel and now I am feeling both depressed and scared since I went for another opinion on this vertigo thing and this dr doesn't think it is positional vertigo but something to do with blood flow :( Low blood pressure being the likely cause.  So now I waiting to get in to see a Neurologist and a Cardiologist.   This is all so depressing particularly with Keith overseas.... but, something has to be done, my wrist/hand is still killing me from a fall before Xmas and I really need to know what is causing this....

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Hang on in there, I'll say something decent about medics for once (!!!!) Basically, they have to start with the simplest option and work their way through the list of what it might be. A bit like when you have an electrical problem, you start with the baby steps before you work your way up to the most complicated ones.

There, bet you never thought I would say something supportive about them like that did you? :D

Seriously, do hope they find the cause and a solution for you.


I think Roughseasinthemed said it all and very wisely.

I am late catching up with your blog posts, sorry.

My thoughts are with you, and I hope you can get it sorted out soon. There is nothing worse than waiting around and tests etc.

And I am thinking very positive thoughts for you. xxxxxx


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