Can cook won't cook  

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Still on the MIL theme...

A friend posted a very funny blog post about her MIL's stomach which led me to thinking about my MIL.  K and I have been together over 25yrs. And while the Inlaws live 3hrs away and we always prearrange our visit, So she knows we are coming I have never had a cooked meal there.  Well, I have had meals but never home cooked.   She has a beautiful home, every mod con in her designer kitchen and yet I have yet to see her use them, She must use them sometime surely, just not when we are there.   I would love to know why this is.

The last visit when again she knew we were coming, MIL asked if we were staying for dinner  HUH!!!  It was already 5pm when we arrived. I was embarrassed but K said yes we would stay for dinner. So she goes to the phone to ring FIL who fortunately hadn't left his office to pick up some takeaway on the way home.  After the call I said I hope we are not being too much trouble and I did get a reply along the lines of now with the 2 of them she does not cook as it is too much trouble.  
Which left me thinking wouldn't having visitors be a good excuse to cook up a storm but apparently not. 
 Looking back on the 25 plus years I have known her and even when we have stayed there we have had to fend for ourselves. 

I guess it must just  be a case of can cook won't cook.... 

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oh my!! They are so funny aren't they? MILs I mean! I loved this blog post, it made me laugh, after a very long and tiring day here! Thank you for sharing your tales about your MIL. It makes me feel I am not alone in my torture.

Jeannie xx ps I have a friend who has a designer kitchen, and I have never seen her cook a single meal in it! It is always pristinely clean.

Well look on the bright side, at least with a takeaway you get some choice - nothing worse than having to eat a meal you don't actually like just to be polite!

Oh, lol we don't get a choice MIL decides what we are eating...

Oh! I feel a food post coming on!! On very similar lines. Ta for the inspiration :) I reckon mine will top yours :D

lol what is this Kate an MIL competition ROFL

Nah! A npt being given any food at all comp!!

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