Can divorce be contagious?  

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Following on from my previous divorce stories....

I, being the first to be so radical as to leave a wealthy husband and the status that all brings brought shock and horror from my sisters and some didn't speak to me for years.  I am sure divorce is not contagious and that meeting K did not mean he was going to be attracted to them and race them off.  Yet, one did say her husband said she was not allowed to meet K!   Another, years later when we were finally speaking again, with a cynical laugh said she is now where I was and I am where she was. Guessing she meant she is now better off than I am now. Really, I felt like saying who really cares but bit my tongue.    One thing I did learn from my divorce is happiness far outweighs money, particularly money combined with a miserable marriage.

I have a sister who, when I got divorced sent me a religious card of forgiveness... telling me god loves me and so does she.      She spoke too soon, as a few yrs later her lay preacher husband left her for her best friend..

So, can divorce be contagious?

Or is that people in glass houses shouldn't throw stones?

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I'm the first one in my family to get a divorce. Even though my husband never stopped dating after we married, my father decided it was my fault. Amazing how that works. With 2 kids and no job, I was scared to death. Still, alone and poor was much better than being married. We survived, and some of my best memories are from that time. Is divorce contagious, probably not, but when a couple is unhappy and they see someone else making the decision, perhaps it makes it easier for them to say the word.

I too have some of the best memories from those early days of struggle and guilt, yes guilt as I wore all the blame for a failed marriage and was made to feel like a leper.

I am glad I don't have sisters!! I mean like, what business is your marriage of theirs? Really, I just don't get the plot there. I guess you were more polite than I would have been :D

Hmm, I think Betty's father came out of the same mould as mine... Not for the same reasons but amazingly sexist/misogynistic. Sorry B, not picking on your dad, I've just ragged mine to pieces on my clouds blog :D

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