A Friendship Lost  

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We don't always know the reason why friendships are severed, but one thing is for sure, it leaves a void in those who were part of it.

© Brenda J. Metz

I remember the time not long ago
When we laughed and shared it all
We were the very best of friends
Or at least that’s what I thought.
I often wonder why friendships end
What happens to sever that tie
How can someone once so close
Just wave you off with a good bye
I must have been lacking
I must have been wrong
I wasn’t the friend to you
That you were to me all along.
I thought I was loyal
I know I was true
But something went wrong
Now there’s nothing to do
A friendship lost
Is a very sad thing
The angels weep instead of sing.

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Oh that's so very poignant. Where did you find it? I do like it. (Obviously)


Lovely poem. I've lost 2 friends over the last 10 years, so I can relate.

Wonderful poem, and so true.

thank you I really felt is says so much about friendship x

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