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I threw out hubby's final year thesis ....

I didn't just throw this balled up box of papers into the bin but, I actually took it to the recycle centre... When I clean I really do a good job.

Where we lived at the time there was no garbage collection so every 2nd week when I had an RDO I would take our rubbish to the recycle centre.

I can still see the look of horror on my husband's face, as he calmly came out of his now neat and tidy study to ask me what happened to the box of papers!!

Oooops!!  Poor hubby, he was devastated and tried to explain to me that it was balled up in frustration .... How was I to know I replied.  After that he had me promise to never touch anything in his study and I never have. He vacs, dusts and straightens it himself.  I think if he could he would padlock the door....

Einstein Hubby's hero
Fortunately, he got the highest mark possible for his prac so had passed with flying colours without the paper. Which he did later complete.   And the paper has never, ever been mentioned between us ever.

His work was of course owned by the University

His degree ... Physics degree in Electronics

20yrs later and I still feel sick whenever I think of that day and what the consequences could have been..


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I don't know what to say!! Apart from - I am surprised you are still married!!


aaaargh! I feel kinda sick too, just reading about this!! He is obviously and clearly a K.....cos he is a nice man! ;oDDDDD

How awful! Not only for him, but your guilt lives on to this day. Since all turned out well, I think perhaps it's time to forgive yourself.

Happy things worked out..could have been bad...I dont thro anything away of hubbys, lol, i would thro the wrong thing for sure away...


LoL LS yes it really could have had a very bad ending... for me :(

Lesson learnt about throwing out stuff that does not belong to me.

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