Looking back  

Posted by: reflective moments

Looking back to the day
When a frown simply faded away,
Wondering where I went wrong.
Has it really been so long?

Did I really once smile
At silly things, silly rhymes?
But I've fallen victim of the times,
Fallen and lost my own style.

Reverse the clocks,
But still move forward,
Avoid stumbling blocks,
Speak without words.

Looking back, now, to the past
I see where it stopped so fast.
Looking forward to a day
When my frown will again fade away.

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Maybe we lose our optimism and perseverence as we age. Maybe things get on top of us that used not to. Maybe.

Imogen Green Eyes aka Cassandra Jeannie  

I think losing your style as you grow older is a sin. But it happens........but sometimes it suddenly returns, and you smile again.xx

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