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means a feeling of thoughtful sadness....  what a nice way to describe depressed.  works for me.

even this interpretation is better than using the word depressed..... pensive meditation; serious thoughtfulness.

 So why am I interested in such words as melancholy I hear you ask... well, my husband is off at the end of the week for a 9 week working tour of 9 countries that include parts of Europe, Paris, Italy, Switzerland and the Middle East. And I find myself slipping into feelings of deep sadness that as the time for his departure grows near I am finding it increasingly hard not to show how sad I am feeling....

I would love to go with him but, I committed myself to caring for 2 little dogs.... furry members of our family and 9 weeks is just way too long to leave them.  Time enough to travel when my dogs have taught me all they are meant to while they are here with me.

I am glad I wrote this down, it has been cathartic.   Though I am still jealous of him and Cathy's planned visit to the Louvre ..... sometimes it is hard to be the bigger person and not be envious...

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Well, Ms Positive swinging into action here ... Just think how much of your own space and time you will have to achieve what you want. And truth is, it will pass in no time. Paris and the Louvre and everything else in Europe etc etc will always be there. S&P won't. You have made such a lovely and kind decision. Don't feel bad about anything. Kx

Yes, a very difficult decision, but 9 weeks away from my home, for me, would be awful. And 9 weeks to leave two lovely dogs, is far too long. It is so true what rsitmed says, it will all still be there in years to come.

Plus, I went to Paris on a work trip once, I was sick the whole time, including throwing up by The Louvre, and in a horrible little toilet in a cocktail bar.....too much information there, and all I wanted was to be home!

J xx

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