OMG Mc Donalds nearly did me in...  

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Took a 4 hour road trip with K and N today and on the way back stopped at McDonald's for cold drinks it being summer and all here....

N comes back with these frozen ice drinks for her and K and a diet coke for me...
being very thirsty I all but sculled my drink and immediately started feeling squeamish and could barely wait to get home.  Once home I disappeared into the bathroom and when I surfaced I asked K to taste what was left of my "diet coke"  he took a sip, immediately said OMG how could you have drunk that!!  I was very thirsty was my reply and not accustomed to McDonalds thought that was how a premixed drink tasted.   Now poor K also has an upset tummy from the drink.... had to be the drink; we hadn't eaten or drank anything all day, hence the quick stop at McDonalds.   Not a pleasant experience for a diabetic; I have now had to load up on protein to counteract all that sugar... seems it was a "normal" coke I sculled and not a very well mixed one at that.   Next time I will just stick with the water that I always have with me from home.... Just sometimes though it is nice to have a treat...

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I occasionally - increasingly less - make the mistake of taking a sugary drink when I am thirsty, and/or in need of a sugar fix. Biggest mistake ever, even for someone without diabetes. I invariably feel sick and nauseous for at least the next hour.

You are right, water is much better. Have you tried one of those insulated type cycling bottles for water? Very good, I use that on the bike. A nice cold exceedingly strong beer also hits the spot for me, maybe not for you though :(

that is the type of bottle we all use... unfortunately we left in a hurry and too busy gathering up the dogs to give them an outing and took their water bottle and forgot mine :( Never do that again...

feel for you. But can I gently ask here. And I hope you will reply, how did you manage not to eat or drink all day, as a diabetic.

I would be sooooooooo darn sick if I did this.

just interested. J xxxxx

I was sick J which is why he stopped at McDonalds I always, but, always carry stuff with me ie bottle of water,some cheese and/or nuts but because it was a last minute decision I grabbed stuff for the dogs and K assumed I had looked after myself until he noticed I wasn't well so a quick stop was made.... I haven't been feeling well since and not sure if it's because of not looking after myself or the soapy drink or a combination of both....

I hate being sick, as a diabetic it is the worst torture you have to still eat when you are throwing up. Usually I try lucozade, but that makes me throw up cos I hate it over the years of so many low blood sugars.

The McD's diet drink scenario, I am always suspicious of, I never think they are proper mixed diet drinks.

I rarely drink sweetened drinks anyway, only in the usual diabetic emergencies.

I feel your pain.

J x

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