Oh, is that all you've got.. So you are not really ill.  

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I was told the other day to buckup it could be worse.... Huh!! 

Diabetes is a chronic disease one that will eventually kill me.  People can be a bit blase about db for one it is a hidden disease and two, because you never read in the obituaries that so and so died of diabetes.  Why is that?  I will answer my own question... it is because when the pancreas is not producing insulin or enough insulin the sugar stays in the blood and travels where the blood does, ie our feet, our eyes, heart, kidneys, liver, our bones... I am sure by now you get my drift.

So when diabetic so and so dies it will say died of a stroke, cancer etc never, that they died of complications from diabetes and yet that is what they died of.  Poor dear diabetic so and so died of complications of diabetes.  So many people are walking time bombs. Undiagnosed diabetics cause a lot of major car accidents by having a stroke or heart attack while driving.  Many truck drivers are diagnosed with db at the autopsy.

So please don't tell me to "buckup" when I refuse that slice of cake you are trying to force on me or that piece of  milk chocolate saying just one piece cannot hurt you surely!! 

Sugar is our enemy whether diabetic or not.  Sugar is making us all fat and the sooner we all realise that sugar is the enemy then the rate of people being diagnosed with diabetes will go down.... so the next time you go grocery shopping, read the total carbs listed on that item..... you will be shocked to see how much hidden sugar you and your family is really eating every day.... 

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