Easter greetings  

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In Australia Easter is celebrated with public holidays, church services, eggs, and fun. It is celebrated in March or April, which is autumn unlike other countries in the Northern Hemisphere where it is spring.  In Sydney, Australia there is an agricultural show known as "the Royal Easter Show". Which has displays of the countries best produce, farm animals, parades, rides, fireworks, food, sideshows etc.  Australians enjoy the Easter holidays, which heralds the end of summer. Especially the children, who love Easter eggs, chocolate rabbits, and time together with the family.

Wishing all my friends a very happy family time this Easter 


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That animation is lovely - I won't even start to ask how you do it!! No chocolate lovers here, but looking forward to the peaceful break.

Thanks Kate I enjoy doing this sort of stuff :) though these animations are from 2007 I should do new ones and include Pebbles... On the dog blog there is an egg from the same time that explodes and has Scrappy popping out too.

Ai!! I will get round to the dog blogs soonest, honest ;) Just trying to finish off a pippa post and log in as him and then will do the rounds. Really. Truly :D

Would love to read a Pippa post :)

Happy Easter from me and mine to you and yours.

I well remember coming home this time two years ago and leaving Australia, in the throes of Autumn, the trees all autumnal with their leaves etc and arriving home to Scotland ablaze with spring and all its beauty.

I have been missing (even if you didn't miss me LOL) cos the computer room has been out of bounds with electrical probs and refurbishments.

J xx Also kinda tired of the internets....have had two lovely days without it, and wonder why I bother. Cos my real life here has been so fun and no one has been horrible or unfriendly, just normal stuff. I may come off facebook, it is not doing my mental health one bit of good to be honest. I feel as if I don't need all this stress which has been going on.

Just lately. I value your friendship, but well, you know the rigmarole......and sorry, many apologies, AAM, I know I will get told. But sometimes, life is All About Me.

J x

Happy Easter! Autumn is my favorite season.

Hope u all have a wonderful Easter...


Letty aka Jeannie xx  

sorry, I wanted to delete my comment from last evening, B, I was really over tired when I wrote it, after a long and involved day; but I don't know how to take it off on your blog. If you can delete my comment, please will you?

Tomorrow is another day, and things always look better in the morning.

Happy Happy Easter to you and yours from me and ours over here.

love from Jeannie xx ps the animation is lovely!! ;0D

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